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Kupferman & Golden, Attorneys at Law, in Atlanta, Georgia, believes in your right to know and understand the legal issues affecting your divorce or other domestic relations case. You cannot make an informed, intelligent decision about your family’s long-term interests unless you understand your options and base your decisions on knowledge and an effective strategy.

At Kupferman & Golden Attorneys at Law, there is never a charge for the initial consultation! Whether you are considering divorce, need a post-judgment modification, or are involved in some other domestic relations problem, it makes sense to start the process by getting straight, honest answers from a law firm that has the experience, knowledge, and strategies upon which you can rely.

Kupferman & Golden is a boutique law firm that provides a full range of domestic law services for clients in communities throughout the Atlanta metro region. With decades of Georgia family law experience, our attorneys know that every divorce case, every child custody case, and every marital property case is unique and brings a new set of circumstances, issues, and opportunities to be addressed and resolved. With their experience, they can help you understand what judges, judicial officers, Guardians ad Litem, custody evaluators, and child welfare authorities expect in various counties in Georgia.

At Kupferman & Golden, you will be involved in the decisions that affect your case.  You will have direct access to ask questions and discuss your options with your attorney, not a paralegal.  The attorneys at Kupferman & Golden have practiced extensively in courtrooms through the Atlanta region, including: Fulton County, Gwinnett County, Cobb County, DeKalb County and Forsyth County.  Accordingly, they can help you navigate the respective court systems efficiently and cost-effectively.

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