Adoption Fraud and Family Law in Georgia

Adoption Fraud and Family Law in Georgia

Adoption gives parents a chance to provide children with a loving and caring home. But parents are often at risk for fraudulent activities that can wipe out their dreams of starting a family.

Understanding adoption fraud helps parents protect themselves from illegal and deceptive actions from agencies, birth mothers, and adoption facilitators.

If you’re the victim of a wrongful adoption, you may be able to take legal action and receive compensation for damages. Talking to an experienced family law attorney gives you the legal resources you need to fight adoption fraud.

What is Adoption Fraud?

Adoption fraud includes illegal acts or misrepresentations made by any party during the process of adopting a child. But most people aren’t aware of this growing problem, making it even more important to recognize common signs of fraud.

Individuals looking to adopt a child need to understand any documents they’re asked to sign. Being pressured to submit documents before you have a chance to review them may be a warning sign of potential fraud.

Agencies and other facilitators should be responsive to phone calls and emails. If you have trouble getting a hold of adoption facilitators, you should be cautious as you move forward.

The adoption process can be unpredictable, and making guarantees before anything has been finalized is a red flag for adoption fraud.

Birth mothers aren’t always willing to submit proof of pregnancy. In some cases, mothers may be hesitant to meet with adoption agencies or attorneys.

These and other signs could indicate the risk of fraud. Adoptive parents can watch out for risk factors and protect themselves from potential legal issues.

What Does Adoption Fraud Look Like?

There are many forms of wrongful adoption, including the failure to provide adoptive parents with a complete history of the child. Parents are entitled to receive all information available to make decisions throughout the adoption process.

Information related to a child’s physical and emotional wellbeing is necessary for parents to be aware of concerns or risks that may arise in the future.

Birth mothers commit fraud when they promise their children to multiple families. Adoptive parents in these cases give financial support to cover expenses related to the pregnancy and adoption only to have the birth mother cancel the arrangement.

In more egregious cases, the birth mother receiving financial assistance may not even be pregnant. Adoption agencies can also charge high fees for services that were never delivered.

Legal Protection From Wrongful Adoption

An experienced family law attorney can help you obtain compensation for any damages you’ve experienced as a result of adoption fraud. Every case is unique, and your attorney will review your circumstances to determine the best legal options.

Georgia and other states don’t have laws in place to address wrongful adoption cases. So plaintiffs need to understand laws related to theft and deception in order to hold defendants accountable.

Cases involving wrongful adoption issues difficult to navigate. Working with a legal professional ensures that you gather the evidence to support your claims while understanding the laws that may apply to your case.

Knowing how to protect yourself from adoption fraud helps you achieve your goals while protecting the wellbeing of you and your family.