Determining the Other Parent’s Income

Determining the Other Parent’s Income

Will the Child Support Calculation Be Fair?

In order to determine the income of the parties and/or the needs of the children, lawyers utilize the “discovery process” permitted under the Georgia Civil Practice Act. Contrary to what may be portrayed on television, a trained domestic attorney does not normally ask a question in court to which he does not already know the answer. The gathering of such pertinent information is accomplished through this process called “discovery.” This can involve such things as written interrogatories or questions to the other party (which must be answered by that party under oath), the production of financial records from the other party, or from the other party’s employer, bank, or accountant (e.g., tax returns, business or corporate records, expense accounts), the taking of depositions before a court reporter, as well as other available methods of fact investigation. Each case is unique and must be handled depending upon the individual needs of the client.

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