Marriage License Requirements in Georgia

Marriage License Requirements in Georgia

Obtaining a marriage license is a must when getting married in a civil or religious ceremony. Each state in the U.S. has its own requirements for couples looking to obtain a marriage license.

The license validates the marriage under the law, and it documents the legal obligations of each party. Your marriage license can affect issues related to insurance, healthcare benefits, survivorship, and Social Security benefits.

Knowing the marriage license requirements in Georgia can make the process easier and protect your legal rights in a marriage.

What’s Required to Obtain a Marriage License in Georgia?

If you and your partner need a marriage license, the minimum age to apply without parental consent is 18 years, and both parties need to be present to complete the application.

Make sure you both have valid forms of identification when you apply with your county Probate Court. In cases where both partners are not Georgia residents, they will need to apply in the county where they plan to get married.

The application fee is $56. If you complete a premarital education program, the fee is reduced to $16. Additional fees for certified copies are also required.

What to Expect When Applying for Your Marriage License

Valid forms of identification include a driver’s license, birth certificate, and passport. Documents in foreign languages will have to be translated by a notary.

Have at least two forms of identification for each person. If one or both parties have been married before, you’ll need to provide copies of your divorce decrees to receive your marriage license.

If you or your partner will be changing your name, you can include that on the application form obtained at your county’s Probate Court.

Your marriage license will need to be presented at your marriage to be signed by an officiant. You’ll then need to send your license to the State of Georgia to have it certified.

Making the Marriage License Process Easier

Georgia residents can obtain a marriage license to protect their legal rights and validate their union under the law.

A marriage license allows you to receive marital tax deductions and transfer assets to your spouse without being taxed.

Spouses can be entitled to receive benefits from their partner’s Social Security. Disability, Medicare, and other benefits may also be shared in some cases.

A marriage license can establish the legal right to make important decisions related to healthcare. You or your spouse may be able to receive health benefits through the other’s provider.

Having a marriage license demonstrates that you are married under Georgia state law and allows you to enjoy the legal and financial benefits you’re entitled to receive.

If you decide to purchase a new home together, you’ll need to show that you’re legally married when applying for a mortgage, and it’s common for lenders to ask for a marriage certificate.

Understanding the requirements of getting a marriage license in Georgia can help you be better prepared for the application process. You can claim the benefits you’re entitled to while ensuring that you have the legal protections you need.